Marvel Vs Capcom 3 Shots: Spiderman Confirmed?

It looks like Capcom weren’t lying when they said they used the in-game character models for that trailer.

So here we have in-game action from MvC3 featuring characters originally featured in the trailer, so no Dante or Deadpool Images yet! Still, the 5 shots manage to give us some tidbits of information about the game. Spiderman is now pretty much CONFIRMED, as there is clearly a Daily Bugle sign in the first shot and a big Spiderman head in the last shot. Also, nice to see the Servebots show up.

Difficult to say if that means Tron Bonne is coming back as it could easily mean Frank West these days… and he IS a cameo whore!

A lot of the returning MvC2 characters appear to play the same, as im sure i recognise that move Wolverine is doing up there, and we know from the trailer that Hulk retains his “rip up the ground” move! Check out the rest of the shots and let us know what you think over in the Fighting Game section of our Forums


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