This Is How You Do a Street Fighter Movie


All our love and respect go out to Joey Ansah, Owen Trevor and Streetlight Films for taking the time to make the Street Fighter film we have been waiting for since, well, forever. It’s not exactly a secret that the Street Fighter live action movies are terrible. But where the original Van Damme movie is cheesy bad and has become watchable over the years just to enjoy the hammy acting and ridiculous casting, the latest cinematic “effort” is just plain bad.

Neither movie was especially faithful to the games but this is what Street Fighter Legacy gets right. VERY RIGHT!!

At 3 mins long the audience gets one hell of a ride, left thirsting for more, and reaching for the Replay button. The FULL movie follows below, if you have a decent set up click through to the Street Fighter Legacy YouTube Channel and watch it in 1080p HD and check out the making of videos while you are there!

All we need to do now is figure out how to make this last another 87 mins and we are on to a winner!


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