Super Street Fighter 4 UK Countdown – Game Out TOMORROW!

It’s very nearly here, and to help anyone still sitting on the fence about wether to buy the game or not, i have thrown up IGN’s review of the game in an effort to tip you over the edge!

For those of us that KNOW we are getting the game, we are making today a DOUBLE HEADER as there won’t be a video to watch tomorrow as we will be playing the game instead!  Continue on for some top tips for SSF4 from some of Europe’s finest beat em up players, including UK SF4 Champion Zak Bennet…

If anyone Pre-ordered the game and it arrives today, please head over to the forum and tell us about it. We will be jealous but it’s ok, we want to hear from you. To Everyone else, see you online tomorrow!


3 Comments Add yours

  1. valaysir says:

    Already gots it! Praise be to the internets!

  2. deadmanxiii says:

    i managed to get a 360 copy early, ill be picking up a PS3 version tomorrow. anyone else playing today?

  3. Haify says:

    Not me will be picking it up tomorrow thinking of trading in some more games to help get it haha

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