Super Street Fighter 4 UK Countdown – 3 more days

While the Deadman is away Dante can play :D. Here I have a huge!! collection of Street Fighter comedy sketches. Some awesome flash animations going on here and watch out for the “I want some boooon cake!”

And not wanting to sound like Deadman but dam I want super street fighter 4 now!!! 😀 3days!!


3 Comments Add yours

  1. The Hylian says:

    Hahaha!!! “I want some boooon cake” is officially the new “Suuuuuuure you can!”. Fact.

    Also, you need to use the clip of Sagat screaming “Damn you DPAD!” on the next show!

  2. Tan says:

    I love Street fighter . Lets see my site ,it just a new site about character of Street fighters 4

    Please comment it I want to know what you want I will find for you.

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