“The Hero Your Hero Could Be”


What can I say? the trailer pretty much sums it up really, Atlus have done some great trailers for 3D Dot Hero because even the dragons think the Hero is a boss fight himself!


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  1. The Hylian says:

    Funny stuff, I don’t wanna rain on the parade but this is ripping off, almost word for word, this Old Spice commercial – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=owGykVbfgUE

    1. Haify says:

      I know saw the trailer compared to the old spice advert over on kotaku haha still funny tho 😛

  2. deadmanxiii says:

    I hate to sound all negative, but despite amazing trailers this looks like it should be a PSN title for about £15. Not sure I can spend a full £40 on it!

    1. xeroxeroxero says:

      Once you go hands on, I promise it’s a different experience. I played this for review and found that there’s honestly so much more to the game that the trailers don’t show. Also, you’ll find it for sub £25 to pre-order if you look online, not bad for a full disc release!

  3. valaysir says:

    Good use of the Old spice commercial – thanks for the link too Hylian – I was gonna go look for it 😀
    For some reason I always imagined this was gonna be a PSN title – I assume there must be hidden depth to it? Wait and see for the reviews I guess.

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