Sengoku Basara 3 translates into English as Segoku Basara 3

It doesn’t really. In fact it comes with the subtitle of – Samurai Heroes – but it’s a not too subtle jab at the last time Capcom’s Dynasty Warriors copy/rival made it over to English.  Back in 2006 Capcom ‘localised’ Sengoku Basara with less of a Japanese slant to Japanese History. Historical figures like Date Masamune and Yukimura Sanada were replaced with unassuming titles like Azure Dragon and Scorpio. It was finished off with the Devil May Cry font on the cover and over the top American voice acting (not that it was all bad – I kinda liked Azure Dragon’s brazen attitude).


It’s 2010 now and while Sengoku Basara 2 didn’t make it over to these shores, Sengoku Barasa 3 will (Well at least as far as America) and it will certainly be welcome. With Koei’s Dynasty Warriors series failing to impress this generation and Samurai Warriors trapped in last gen land on the Wii, it’s great to see a big brawler come to the PS3. The action looks as outrageous as ever, with huge combos and uncountable numbers of enemies being the order of the day. Along with the name, the game will also be retaining it’s version of Japanese history, it does tend to sway a little more from reality than Koei’s series often does. Last I remember Tadakatsu Honda was not a giant eight foot robot! (As he was in Sengoku Basara 1). The character count currently numbers at 15, with a slew of returning characters and a few new ones. The game is set for release in Japan on 29th of July, with the English release slated for ‘later this year’. The game will be coming out on the PS3 and the Wii (360 owners will have to make do with Ninty Nine Nights 2)

As a small trivia which should please Dantelockload, Rueben Langdon is voicing Date Masamune – who as we all know is the voice of Dante and Ken from SFIV (That’s Reuben, not Masamune)…


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  1. Haify says:

    Looks nice, never knew capcom did a game like this, might have to import it if it doesn’t come this way.

    Haven’t played a decent game like that for a while, the last Dynasty Warriors didn’t seem to good on the ps3 :\ tempted to get empires tho but meh

  2. deadmanxiii says:

    Just to confirm this WAS Devil Kings on ps2 wasn’t it?

  3. valaysir says:

    It was. I only realised later I mentioned everything except the localised name 😀 It has less of a focus on You and Your Army vs Enemy Army than Dynasty Warriors – It’s more You vs Enemy Army; but it’s still good.

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