Uncharted 2 – New Expansion, Update and Double Cash Weekend!

Siege Expansion

Today sees the release of the Siege Expansion we mentioned a while back. Along with that exciting new mode and new levels, Naughty Dog are updating the game too. Version 1.07 brings the following changes:

  • Players can now choose between Hero skins for Co-op Arena matches only (That’s Survival, Gold Rush and Siege to you)
  • Additional spawn system changes to enhance spawn point update effectiveness
  • Gameplay changes to prevent “airwalk” exploit
  • Updates to map geometry collision detection to improve prevention of players attempting to leave normal multiplayer map boundaries

Uncharted 2 Action Girl

This is all welcome news – being able to use purchased skins in co-op is a big plus for players who tend to shy away from competitive matches. The spawn issue was becoming apparent to anyone who played more than a few games and I’m certainly glad Naught Dog have addessed this issue. While I had never seen the ‘airwalk’ or collision exits, it’s good that now I’ll never have to.  As a final note, its a Double Cash Weekend! It’s been a while since the last (Christmas I think) so this is certainly appreciated and preceeds a whole weekend of Uncharted 2 mayhem! Time to get back on the Co-op I think 🙂


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