Marvel Vs Capcom 3: Fate of two worlds….. update!!!

Ok as promised its after 4pm the embargo has been lifted and here is everything we know so far about Marvel Vs Capcom 3 😀 …..


So for starters the silhouettes in the background of the image above are informative guesses from industry experts (Men who sit around in the underwear playing games all day… not me! ). However if they are anything to go by, here is a tentative list of some of the characters we could be seeing.

  • Felicia
  • Super Skrull
  • Mephisto
  • Black Widow
  • Deadpool
  • Chun-li
  • Ant man
  • Juggernaut
  • DANTE!!!!!!! 😀
  • Frank West
  • Captain America
  • Dr Doom

With regard to the character roster there will be fewer characters than in MvC 2. The reason for this being that the huge 60 playable characters in MvC 2 were nearly all sprites ripped from their various games, leaving the dev team time to work on the gameplay. But in a recent interview with producer Ryota Niitsuma, he discussed how every charter within MvC 3 has to be built from the ground up, which is obviously a huge task but never the less the team are still aiming for around 30 playable characters.


A few details as described by Producer Ryota Niitsuma at the Capcom event in Hawaii last week…

“Like Capcom’s popular Street Fighter IV, Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 will feature 3D characters fighting on a 2D plane”, he said. The game won’t, however, “use the same sort of graphics found in Street Fighter IV and Super Street Fighter IV”. Instead Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 will run on an “advanced version” of MT Framework, the same engine that powers the graphics of Lost Planet 2 and Resident Evil 5.

Capcom officials have also said how they will be keeping the 3-on-3 style of fighting loved by the fans, but are also looking at Tatsunoko vs Capcom and MvC 2 for ideas on how  to “maximize depth and minimize complexity.”


“Marvel Vs Capcom three is zoning in on a “living comic book” presentation, applying various shading techniques for a defined, unique art style as well as adding signature quotes, intros and outros and other in-game events to drive home the idea that you’re playing a colossal comic crossover.”

Capcom and Marvel are striving for a cohesive and deep storyline for MvC 3 and Chris Baker, the manager of licensed games at Marvel Studio stated

” We actually have a subtitle for the game that means something this time. In the coming months we will be giving you more information about it.”

The game is currently set for a Spring 2011 release and as mention before will be disc based and running in 1080p. No platforms have been officially announced, but as it is running on a revised version of the MT framework it is safe to say we will be seeing it on Ps3, 360 and PC.

So there you have it! expect lots more information to be coming your way as soon as we get it but for now , who are you hoping will be in the game? Do any ideas on who some of the silhouettes could be ?

Of course Dante is my first choice 😀


3 Comments Add yours

  1. deadmanxiii says:

    I’d like to see Arthur from Ghouls and Ghosts, viewtiful joe come back from TvC, a guy from monster hunter and gouken from sf4 on the capcom side. From marvel I’m a little out of touch. Mr fantastic, the punisher and somehow get the marvel zombies involved!

  2. YouJustLostTheGame says:

    I had someone come into the shop today and ask if there was a release date for this.

    It made me sad, that I had been in such close proximity to such idiocy.

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