Demon’s Souls finally gets Europe release!

After very nearly buying this on my recent trip to Japan I am very happy to see that a European release of Demon’s Souls will not mean the drinks i bought instead went to waste :D…….

Demon’s Souls has been out long enough in Japan for it to have gone to a best seller (platinum) title. But praise me to your respective God that it is finally coming to Europe on June the 25th.

Namco Bandi have picked up the publishing rights to the already popular PS3 RPG and are being a rather lovely bunch by adding a bunch of extra goodies with the “Black Phantom Edition”. These goodies are in the form of a soundtrack, art book and strategy guide!

For those of you who haven’t heard of Demon’s Souls Ihave added a little video to wet your appetites :D.


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  1. deadmanxiii says:

    knowing its a bloody hard as it is, im not sure if im gonna be buing this one!

  2. The Zero Punctuation review of this was hilarious , I’d advise all to go and check it out lol. Im put off by the difficulty.

  3. valaysir says:

    Demons Souls was a terrific game. It’s a shame how long its taken to come out here, but the graphics hold up well and there’s nothing similar to the gameplay on PS3 or 360. Playing it co-op is the best way to play it and helps ease out the difficulty a little as well.

  4. Haify says:

    Sweet I was tempted on importing this but now its coming here no need, the game looks fricking awesome, only thing I’ve got against it is the difficulty as well ;[ but but it looks good so I think I will get it haha

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