No Place Like Home: Motorstorm Aircraft Carrier


The Motorstorm Carrier is set on a decommissioned aircraft carrier that was bought but a rock star and donated to Motorstorm. The area works well at capturing the festival atmosphere of the Motorstorm series, and features a wealth of features to keep you in the party spirit.

Upon entry you see the Dance floor, an industrial delight of car parts, smoke and lights. The back of the dance floor is the DJ area, where you can actually manipulate the lighting and the music for the clubbers below you. A brilliant feature, that manages to work well even when crowded. the music is all from the motorstorm soundtrack so expect Slipknot, The hives, aphex twin, David bowie,Machine head and of course Pendulum. 46 tracks are available and while they aren’t full songs, they allow a nice mix of style for the DJ to flick between. you are free to DJ a long as you like and you do get a nice kick from being the one actually playing out to the crowd of real people dancing.

Elsewhere, there is a chill out area to take a break from the noise of the main hall, and there are a few motorstorm themed arcade cabinets to play on a game called Lunatic launcher. Sadly, there are usually queues to play and isn’t really worth the time spent waiting.

What IS worth doing is the ‘Treasure Hunt’ game. Talk to the girl at the Merch stand, and she will send you off to search for her keys, follow the treasure hunt and you will soon unlock some great extras for your avatar. The good times don’t stop there either.

When you spend an hour at the Motorstorm carrier you are given a bonus t-shirt. return for an hour on your next visit for ANOTHER free shirt. This can be done 4 times to increase your wardrobe options.

The wealth of free content here is great, and given that the space is a lot of fun and a great place to meet up with friends it makes the whole process even better. a 5 star experience.


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  1. serenity1001 says:

    Its quite a good area but I gotta admit I do like the audi game at their home space which deadman is only 300m in front of me!!! But not for long! And I do like the new siren blood curse home space very atmospheric also new star wars costumes in threads and a giant bunny one in alter-ego

  2. deadmanxiii says:

    maybe I’ll do the Audi space next as it’s had some updates recently.

    I’d like to try out a meet up in Home, I know a few people that have had ps3 for years and never tried it!

  3. Aysir says:

    Deadman, you should get a club on home and try to organise meet ups there – you can leave messages within the club too. It was meant to be subscription based, but I think they scrapped that and just kept it £3.99

  4. serenity1001 says:

    You could all meet at my London pub space if you want?

  5. DeadmanXIII says:

    Last time I checked the clubs were subscription so I though hell no. But for a flat £3.99 I’m very interested! I’ll check it out tonight.

  6. Aysir says:

    They were going to be sub – but they couldn’t figure out how it worked 🙂 Clubs beat personal spaces cause all members can visit even when the owner is not online – hence the messaging would work nicely.

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