An Awesome Gaming Challenge

Think you know your gaming titles? Time to prove your worth with this awesome flash game over at

There are 56 video game titles cleverly hidden in the image and its up to you to identify them!

You can scroll around a close up of the above image, or use a handy minimap to select each game title and skip around the picture. You are able to register on the site (the game is actually a TRON:Legacy bit of viral marketing) and record your progress allowing to return to the job at hand after a long think.

Here’s a FREEBIEĀ  to get you started, There is a billboard with a picture of an Axe on it and its gold. Golden Axe.

OK, so that was an easy one, but you get the idea! Beware, there are some obscure titles hidden away. Some of you younger guys are gonna struggle to find all 56!

Head over to the DPAD Dependency forum and see how others in the community are doing, and maybe get some clues!

Thanks to Forum member and all round good guy, Youjustlostthegame, for the heads up on this!


One Comment Add yours

  1. valaysir says:

    I got 12 out of 56 and then got bored šŸ˜› Honestly I know of a lot of the games, but being an Amiga gamer I’ve only played a few. Only the recent ones like SOTC or COD stick out for me.

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