Video Games Misrepresented In The Media (again!)

Broadcast last Friday, this ‘debate’ is growing in infamy amongst gamers. Now before you start, I know that the entire segment was probably created to be inflammatory and to cause hysteria akin to the “video nasties” plague of decades past. I do, however, feel very strongly about the subject and was incensed to see just how poorly the matter was handled on the show.

Firstly, note the games which Mr. Titchmarsh opens the debate by listing – they’re all popular, notoriously violent games that the viewers will most likely have seen adverts for, and all nominated for gaming BAFTAs. There was no mention, however, of other more family friendly games such as FIFA 10, Wii Sports Resort or Little Big Planet – all of which were also nominated for awards at the same ceremony. Immediately, you know that there’s going to be some level of bias to the debate.

Second, the only truly valid point made in the entire debate was in my opinion given by Mr. Ingham, who claimed that the responsibility lies with the parents, who need to educate themselves as to what exactly their children are playing and how to control the content they’re exposed to. Despite numerous reiterations, the ignorant panelists and the baying audience glossed over this very simple truth. Titchmarsh’s early comment that “you can stop children going to the cinema, you can’t stop them going into a house and playing these games” is, to put it bluntly, stupid. Of course you can stop children playing these games – every modern console has a parental locking feature which would prevent your child from playing anything age-inappropriate! And even if that weren’t the case, what’s to stop the same child putting an 18-rated DVD in their machine?

Ms. Peasgood’s argument that “experts have proven” that video games cause depression, anger, low self-esteem et cetera is a dangerous tactic to use in debates, given that one study cannot give way to scientific fact. The same can be said of Mr. MacKenzie’s bizarre escalation argument, which detaches itself from reality so much that it hurts!

I’m going to stop ranting now, before my head begins to hurt by dwelling on this ignorant, unfair and completely biased discussion. What say you, fellow DPDependents?


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  1. deadmanxiii says:

    I hope that the general public react to this in the same way as your average gamer but doubt it very much.

    Better that mum thinks ALL video games are evil, and protects the kid, than to not care at all!

    This more than any other reason is why Video Games needs a decent presence on TV in the UK. Not just for the hardcore gamers, but to better inform the public at large. If the BBC and ITV are looking to create more video games, surely its in their best interests to inform the public of the medium in a mature and sensible way.

    Best we have had in recent years, is this and Watchdog unfairly representing our beloved consoles!

  2. deadmanxiii says:

    and while Alan seems to have a problem with the BAFTA nominated Call Of Duty 2 and Modern Warfare, he doesnt seem to have a problem with scantily clad women on his show…

    so, violence is bad for kids, but sex is ok? thanks for your time Mr.Titchmarsh.

  3. deadmanxiii says:

    Julie Peasgood, defender of childrens safety produces a ‘Sex Tips from Julie Peasgood’ podcast available for anyone (including young children) to download for FREE in a completely UNREGULATED fashion. So young children are able to search itunes for “sex” on their new iphones and discover practices totally unsuitable for minors, as suggested by Ms.Peasgood.

    Ms.Peasgood dislikes 18cert video games, but loves her vibrators in her child accessible Sex Tips Podcasts

    Id rather my kids are firing a BR in Halo, than learning about anal stimulation and having better orgasms from Peasgood!

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