The Gaming Month Ahead In Europe – April

Splinter Cell Conviction

The end of the tax year sees a slight slowdown in the number of really big titles this month, though April does still have a decent number of high profile games. The biggest being Splinter Cell: Conviction – Sam Fisher’s hugely anticipated next outing of stealth and violence. Our very own Xboxite Raz86 wrote up a nice summary of the demo and his feeling on it (So go read that if you haven’t already). It certainly looks the business, but we’ll have to wait for the 16 of April to see if five years in the making has done it any good.


Fighting fans will be glad to see Blazblue: Calamity Trigger finally coming out on the 1st of April (unless that’s a joke) and Super Street Fighter IV at the other end on the 30th. Squenix rather quickly delivers Nier – a hack and slasher from developer Cavia. Cavia also made the rather excellent (if a little too bleak) Drakengard games on PS2, also published by Squenix. Wii is also set to have a rather exciting time at the latter half of the month with Monster Hunter Tri out on the 23rd and No More Heroes 2 on the 30th.
PS3 doesn’t have many big exclusives this month apart from the remastered God of War Collection, but it gets a fair load of multi-platform titles to share with the 360. Iron Man 2, FIFA World Cup 2010 and Dead to rights out on a number of consoles.

Release Schedule

Blazblue: Calamity Trigger (PS3/360)
Lips: I love the 80’s (360)

Borderlands DLC Pack : Zombie Island and the Underdrome (360/PC)
Sakura Wars: So Long My Love (Wii)

Samurai Showdown Sen (360)
GTAIV Episodes (PS3/PC)
Splinter Cell: Conviction (360/PC)

Nier (PS3/360)
Little Big Planet GOTY (PS3)
Iron Man (All Formats)
Dead to Rights (PS3/360)
Monster Hunter Tri (Wii)

Super Street Fighter IV (PS3/360)
God of War Trilogy (PS3)
FIFA 2010 World Cup (All Formats)
No More Heroes 2 (Wii)

Just as a quick footnote – several sites (Play and Shopto included) have listed Quantum Theory as due out this month. I don’t know if this was a previously confirmed release that has been pushed back, or just bad information, but it seems more likely to be coming out around June, where Amazon and Gamefaqs have it marked down.


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  1. Ive pre order Splinter Cell , oh god I hope it is good , early reviews from GameTM and EDGE are 8’s out of 10 so thats good. Getting the Ghost Recon Future Soldier beta will be an added bonus , oh and my free exclusive T shirt haha

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