Introducing the 3DS!


3D gaming is the big buzz and likely candidate for “next big thing”, so when Nintendo announce they are re-entering the fray everyone should take notice. It’s the next iteration of the DS, its 3D capable, and won’t require glasses!

Full details of the new hardware are expected at the upcoming E3 show in June, with a projected launch in 2011! Rumors indicate a 4″screen featuring Sharp’s Parallax barrier LCD technology. Basically, a way to have the 3D images displayed and be able to display 2D images, which should help with backwards compatibility with the DS library.

Personally, id like to see Nintendo drop the DS branding from the new console. i think the world can do without ANOTHER DS model especially given DSi XL has only just come out. Also, would the dual screen approach work as successfully with the brain trying to interpret the two images into 3D?

My suggestion is to keep the DS/DSi/DSi XL as it is. A nice money-maker, and perfect for all generations of gamers. Dont forget, Grannies on Brain Training wont want flashy 3D gaming on their machines.

It’s time people, time to bring back a trusted brand name from the past. A brand synonymous with the very best of handheld gaming. Ladies and Gentlemen, it is time to bring back…



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  1. raz176 says:

    With their efforts to get everyone to play, I reckon Nintendo should now call it ‘GamePerson’.

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