More God Of War? Yes Please!


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Finally coming our way to the pal region the ‘God Of War Collection’ for only £24.99 / €39.99 you will be able to play the EPIC games remastered in high-definition, running at 60 fps*, along with trophy support for you trophy lovers out there. Best part is it comes on one Blu-Ray disc that’s right God of War 1 & 2 on one simple disc!

* Frames per a second its not leet speak

Release dates:

  • UK, Ireland, Germany & Austria: 30th April 2010
  • Australia & New Zealand: 29th April 2010
  • Rest of PAL: 28th April 2010

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There also releasing a nice God Of War Trilogy box set for £64.99/€89.99 along side the Collection for those who have yet to experience the epicness that is God Of War or just for the people who haven’t picked the game up yet! (what is wrong with you :|)


7 Comments Add yours

  1. dantelockload says:

    Hells to the yizzle!

    But its the same day as Super street fighter 4 !

    Dilemma!! ….. actualyl what am i talking about just buy both lol

    1. serenity1001 says:

      Hmmm me get ssf4 or gow series. Hmm let me think….. its a no brainer really GOW ! Lol

  2. Haify says:

    Luckie this news came out I was thinking of importing rather soon but its selling for like £40 + p&p and now I can just get it for £25 happy days!

    But I do have to say thank you to you and Rob if it was for you two I would of never of played GoW haha \o/

  3. VincentD says: has it on pre-order for 17.99 GBP

    1. Haify says:

      Sweet nice find 😀 so going to pre-order that now cheers for that VincentD \o/

  4. dantelockload says:

    Good man Vince! you on the forums ? post that bad boy under the bargin buys section and you will be loved 😀

  5. VincentD says:

    There is a forum? I will post it in there

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