DPDcast 5 – Itunes and beyond!!

Ladies and gentlemen! I am proud to announce that The DPDcast it available on Itunes!!

Episodes 1 and 2 and up and ready for the download with episodes 3 , 4 and  the freshly recorded episode 5 being available tomorrow.

So as always tell your friends , tell your loved ones, tell a stranger , tell that crazy old man that smells of cat piss outside the newsagents to listen to the DPDcast!

For all you die hard fans who want the latest episode right now, you can do so by clicking HERE! or by going to the podcast tab.

Of course all reviews and ratings on Itunes will be warmly welcomed,for real, no really we will come and hug you…. im serious!


3 Comments Add yours

  1. haify says:

    Listening to it now so far tis awesome 😛

  2. listening to the show at this moment , cheers for the shoutout lol I have news that Johnny and Dave from our show will probably be joining you next week for Uncharted 2sdays. Good show so far 🙂

  3. dantelockload says:

    Thanks for the comments guys lets see the love on the itunes 😀 thanks for the review matt and the moree peeps the better on uncharted! 😀

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