Majin and the Forsaken Kingdom – Announce Trailer

I saw screenshots of this game a while back when it was called Majin: The Fallen Realm and it really had me intrigued. Coming from Game Republic, the guys behind Folklore and Genji, the game is starting to shape up very nicely. It has a great fantasy look about it, in a very similar way to Folklore. For those who’ve forgotten, Folklore was a brilliant action-RPG game that came out quite a while ago now. It got pretty decent review scores, but sadly didn’t sell particularly well. Majin seems to retain a lot of the action elements from previous Game Republic titles, but looks to marry that to a deal more adventuring and platforming.

Majin 01

Due to release on PS3 and 360 this summer, there still isn’t much information from Namco Bandai, who are publishing it; but what they’ve shown so far looks very promising.


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  1. haify says:

    Folklore was such a great game was like one of my first PS3 games even got all the DLC, was a long game but got a bit repeative.

    On topic now this game is looking sweet will have to look into this game, espically liking the idea of more adventuring and platforming will give you something extra which I think Folklore needed a tad. Also will it be a mystery story? or just pure fantasy?

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