Kevin Butler with a message from the future

Here’s a nice message from everyone’s friend Kevin Butler about the Playstation Move controller (watch out for the subtle sledgehammer jabs at that other company’s motion device)

And on a related note, Kevin Butler on God of War 3

and just because I know you all love Kevin Butler as much as I do, here’s one about Blu-Ray


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  1. deadmanxiii says:

    Okay then, so…

    Kevin Butler is my new corporate executive hero!
    The boxer bit got a genuine lol out of me, as did “what we in the future call, buttons”

    genious. All must watch this!

  2. Davekma says:

    I love this guy.

    By the way, has anyone seen the blog Sony have set up for people to put their ideas across? Apparently, everyone gets to put 1 idea forward a day, and the ones that get the most suggestions get put into a vote to see which one most people want. Then, if it’s feasible, it gets passed on to the relevant Sony people to be looked at, and if it isn’t, then you get an explanation why.

    Currently it’s cross game chat, PS2 emulation software and Auto-Syncing trophies as the top 3, but also, someone has put forward the idea of Kevin Butler doing Sony’s bit at E3 this year.

    1. The Hylian says:

      He shouldn’t just do Sony’s bit – Kevin Butler should deliver every speech at the show! I would pay good money to listen to him trash-talk Nintendo and Microsoft!

      1. haify says:

        So would I, It would make E3 the best game event of the year!

  3. valaysir says:

    Already on it. The post should be going up anytime soon. There was also the idea someone put forward for a Kevin Butler skin for Uncharted 2 – I’d love that!

    1. haify says:

      When I grow up I just want to be like him 😀 the guy is legendary!

      Haha would be awesome to have a Kevin Butler skin but who would dare shoot him? ;o

  4. serenity1001 says:

    Kevin Butler ROCKS!!!! LOL. Just watched the one for the new ps3 owner I got two words for ya mon-tage lmao

    1. haify says:

      That one is a classic then he gets that wig on! You seen the one for mag? thats good as well.

      1. serenity1001 says:

        Yep sonofabi….playstation lol classic!

  5. deadmanxiii says:


  6. dantelockload says:

    lmao Fantastic! “With a stick!”

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