Monster Hunter Portable 3rd announced

The third in the hugely popular (at least in Japan) Monster Hunter Portable series is coming to PSP sometime towards the end of this year. Capcom just announced Monster Hunter Portable 3rd (Likely to be renamed Monster Hunter Freedom 3 over here) and released a trailer for it as well. Strangely it has nothing to do with the Monster Hunter 3 recently released on the Wii and is a direct sequel to MH  Portable 2nd G. With new village areas and new monsters, it looks like it won’t be taking the Wii’s improved graphics and animation, nor it’s underwater sections. But there is a hot spring for your character to bathe in by the looks of it 🙂 Personally the Monster Hunter series is starting to sound a lot like the Dynasty Warrior series – very popular in Japan and very few changes each iteration. After effectivly playing through Freedom 2 twice (in the form of Freedom 2 and Freedom Unite) I may have to give this one a miss, unless something spectacularly new is added.

On a related note Monster Hunter Nikki: Poka Poku Mura is also due for release in Japan around August this year. The game, a spin off title, puts players in the role of the cats from Monster Hunter and promises to let the player live the life of these fur balls and go on hunts with other players, as well allowing connectivity with Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G (Freedom Unite). No word of a western release and until we see it I’m not sure how much western appeal this would have. Only time will tell I guess.

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  1. dantelockload says:

    Thats looking fantastic! ive not really been into any of the monster hunters but im thinking about getting tri when it comes out over here on the Wii. If all goes well i think i will be buying this too 😀

  2. valaysir says:

    the online mode through PS3’s ad-hoc party was excellent in MHF Unite. This one’s apparently got infrastructure, but without voice coms support, I’m guessing ad-hoc party is still going to be the way to go.

  3. deadmanxiii says:

    I’ve always been Interested in the MH series but never quite got round to playing one. I have the demo for unite and want to love it but those poxy little cat people keep meowing and pissing me off!

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