360 slim ? The smaller it is, the less there is to go wrong…..right ?

Yes this image is a fake and no doubt the images below are too, but never the less the rumour of an slim/mini Xbox 360 could make sense….

This is the supposed innards of a new model Xbox 360. Its not just a new model chipset like the jasper found in elites , but seems to be a whole new redesign with the CPU and GPU on the same chip.

Of course its easy to slap a fake image of a motherboard with Microsoft bits on it and call it the 360 slim but taking a momnet to think about it, a 360 slim could make sense. With the release of ‘Natal’ set for the holiday season this year a redesign and re-launch of the 360 is not totally unthinkable.

This is all just speculation mind and when images like this…

… are floating around the interweb i am more than a little sceptical.

Does anyone else think it looks like a white slimline ps2?  Lawsuit!


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  1. deadmanxiii says:

    Id say the 2nd image is a fake, as like you say, its based too closely on a ps2 slim. All Microsoft need to do is remove whatever it is in the 360 that causes it to break down the day before the game you REALLY want to play is released.

    Fix that and they are golden.

  2. haify says:

    Is it possible to have a CPU and GPU on the same chip?

    360 slim just seems a waste and its way to late to release one now I would say, they really should do what Dead said figure out the problem and fix it thats all they need to do.

  3. valaysir says:

    A slim is good idea no matter how late it comes (unless you’re console is already dead) I would certainly buy a 360 that promised better reliability and less disc noise (installing’s okay, but is this really so much to ask?)

  4. deadmanxiii says:

    I think a slim 360 will make tons of money, especially if it reduces the cost and means they can get an arcade unit out for under £100 then they have a massive winner on their hands, pack in natal at £150 and they have Xmas in the bag!

  5. haify says:

    You both have good points but the 360 isn’t a bad size compared to the bulky PS3 and there isn’t even much difference in size compared to the PS3 slim.

    Really all it comes down to is making every one buy even more xbox’s, I admit I kinda fell for it with the PS3 slim but I had a good reason to get it because my 60gb one kept over heating and turning my room into a furnace haha

  6. John says:

    ps3 for the win, 360 is just a fail console, overheating, my shit broke down and like a dumb ass i repaired, i’d say it’s best as scrap metal.

  7. valaysir says:

    It doesn’t even need to be slim , I wouldn’t mind a redesign with a better dvd drive, lose the power brick (which everyone forgets about when they compare it to the PS3) and tell me I don’t have to worry about it dying every time I turn it on. All that guarantee’s a sale.
    BTW any redesign is unlikely to be hugely dissimilar because I doubt the HDD is going to change compatibility.

  8. deadmanxiii says:

    That’s a good point, networks adapters, mem card slots, minimum of 3 USB slots will be on it to.

    Maybe the slim 360 will have an internal HD and a transfer kit to copy your old data across. I think wireless internet capability should be included, I’d like to see parity between 360 and ps3 in terms if features. But I doubt that will aid a price drop!

    1. haify says:

      But if they did that they would loose money! They like to sell thing seperatly to make a few bucks on the side 😛

  9. VincentD says:

    There probably be no hard drive what so ever since the xbox 360 will be getting USB storage device capabilities (install your games onto portable hard and away you go) no more stupid xbox 360 hard drive needed.

  10. VincentD says:

    Just realised I was talking about hacking the current Xbox 360 to play downloaded games, my apologises. But one could dream can’t they?

    1. deadmanxiii says:

      crap, psychic alert!

  11. valaysir says:

    That is a strange move. I thought one of the reasons the proprietary system was used was to reduce the number of hacks on the 360. With an open file system on any USB stick it’ll be far too easy to modify saves ect. They already did it with Borderlands, the only hurdle was transferring saves from the 360 to PC required extra equipment, now you just need a USB stick.

  12. VincentD says:

    They probably got some very heavy encryption tech behind it like the PS3 hard drives. It still does not mean you can have a 1 TB Xbox 360 hard drive thou, since it limits you to having a 16GB FAT32 partition which is still pants and restrictive ones they are. When will consoles lose support for FAT32 that’s what I want to know.

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