Bodycount is the new Black


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Any one remember Black on the PS2 or Xbox? Well, Bodycount is the new explosive shooter from the team behind Black now working with Codemasters to make the next “genre-defining gun play” for the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360, with influences from the definitely unexpected Lady Gaga.

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For the story so far, you work for an agency known as the Network who are using you to take down the Target, who seem to be a shadowy organisation having fun playing around with the fate of the human race. To keep you in order you have three lovely or maybe scary ladies barking orders at you but often there orders will contradict each other so you will have to choose who to keep sweet and who to upset.

Its an interesting dynamic, and despite a currently boring as hell sounding plot, could bring something different to the FPS genre. Balancing allegencies could allow for different story paths a you side with one rather than the other.

Cant wait to see how this turns out


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