Playstation Move and Sub-Controller announced

Sony’s conference at GDC last night brought with it the official unveiling of its motion controller, and it’s called Move. While a logical progression from the eye toy, the move does take a lot from Nintendo’s book (which was even credited during the conference) and gives players the most accurate motion controller to date. Like the Wii’s nunchuk, the Move also comes with it’s own sub-controller (Wonder how long it took to come up with that name?) The sub-controller controller provides more buttons, an analog stick and a d-pad (so at least we’re still dependent on that, right?). The games shown were mostly the same kind of crap minigames that are normally associated with motion controllers. However a there was a decent looking walking-beat-em-up called Motion Fighter and SOCOM 4 was also announced to fully intergrate the motion contoller. With the backing of almost all the third-party devs behind them, if Sony can get the Playstation Move integrated in a meaningful way (so not like Sixaxis then…) they really do have the next-gen of motion controllers.


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  1. serenity1001 says:

    Oooo shiny! !! Lol will it be phat ps3 compatable?

    1. dantelockload says:

      very shiny indeed! i wants it!

      1. serenity1001 says:

        Lol we likes shiny new things!

  2. Deadman XIII says:

    i really want to try it out, but i know my wii love affair was short lived and my Rock Band romance even shorter. Add ons dont hold my interest for very long.

  3. serenity1001 says:

    Maybe if they brought out a decent hack and slash lightsabre game for it!?

  4. valaysir says:

    It’s being used for SOCOM already. If it works for a hardcore FPS like that, I’m sure it’s bound to have a decent amount of application possibilities.

  5. haify says:

    It just looks weird but they do have some cool looking games coming out with it and like valaysir said SOCOM is going to use it too, so it might work well compared to the wii remote.

    As it seems with that motion+ thing it still doesn’t seem to work well for the wii haha.

    1. serenity1001 says:

      I think the force unleashed would be good with this!

      1. haify says:

        That would actually make me get force unleashed if it had this!

  6. DrMemo1987 says:

    (Ó.Ò)” Impressive , but when will it be released? ( I hate it , is one-handed )

  7. deadmanxiii says:

    You should play force unleashed anyway, it’s a great action game! I’m excited and terrifeid about Killzone 3 using it!

    Oh hey Doc, thanks for checking us out! Hope you like it dude.

    1. haify says:

      I’ve played the first one and it was just ok nothing special :\

      Killzone 3 using it? that better be a bad lie!! ;[ the duelshock was perfect why would they ruin it.

  8. valaysir says:

    I like the idea that it can be used like a mouse pointer as well. RTS and point and click style games have always been better on PC’s and even the DS thanks to this console deficiency, but the Move might make it possible for a decent Dawn of War style strategy game on the PS3.

  9. serenity1001 says:

    Or maybe reissue soulcaliber for it I’d buy it (even at games prices! Lol)

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