Dress Like An Alien, Predator or Marine in Home


Fans of the Alien Vs Predator game or (and more likely) the movie franchises will be happy to hear Predator, Alien and Marine costumes have arrived on PlayStation Home.

The outfit are only available for a limited time. You have until March 31st 2010 to buy them so get you skates on and get over there!

Costumes are available from the Threads Store in the Shopping mall.

Alien Full Costume – £2.39

Marine Helmet -£0.79

Marine Outfit (Body, Trousers, Shoes) – £1.59

Predator Helmet – £0.79

Predator Body Suit – £1.59

Thanks to serenity101 for the heads up on this.


13 Comments Add yours

  1. haify says:

    How is Home now days? I’ve not even logged on since I bought a cowboy hat for my person haha, I know there has been alot of big changes lately but are they good?

    That Alien outfit does look sexy ;]

    1. serenity1001 says:

      You should go back there’s been a load of new zones added hit me up on the friends list and I will introduce you to a few friends on there we have quiz nights etc …. its fun!

      1. deadmanxiii says:

        I for one would love to join in on a quiz night in home. Any chanse of you posting any details on the forum I’m sure a few people would LOVE to join in!

      2. Pia Carot says:

        Yeah come along to the quiz – its fun!!

  2. serenity1001 says:

    (Click click click click ) anytime! (Guess which one I got?) Lol

  3. serenity1001 says:

    Sure no problem I gotta ask the person whose quiz it is first but I shouldn’t see a problem

  4. haify says:

    I might have to check that out, quizes are fun even tho I’m usely bad at them haha xD

  5. deadmanxiii says:

    I feel an unhealthy home addiction coming on! We can meet up in Sully’s bar before each uncharted 2sday, hang out and play pool every night! If only I didn’t have a life getting in the way!

  6. deadmanxiii says:

    Hey pia carrot, just say when and where fir ths quiz and I’ll be there. I’ll drag sone DPD raggamuffins with me. I enjoyed your comic by the way. I was excited to stumble across it as I caught Home TV the other day and saw the llama reference. Funny stuff.

    1. serenity1001 says:

      I’ll let ya know when just having a problem with someone and somewhere to host it at the mo! ELLO PIA!!!!

      1. Pia Carot says:

        Ello Seren.

        Quiz should be on next monday… not sure on the time yet, will message seren when i hear.

        Sorry for the confusion but the quiz is changing hands at the moment… but its failry popular and has been running since the start of open beta!

    2. Pia Carot says:

      Hi deadman!

      Glad you like the comics.

      Ok quizzes – there is a great one tonight (osrry late notice) it’s hosted by burnout-addict he does a quiz, then plays burnout!! Sometimes there are psn cards to win too!

      Just send him a pm. I won’t be there but will be at our Monday night quiz when that starts up again!

  7. serenity1001 says:

    Ere young lady! What did your last slave die of?? Hmm?

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