Killzone 3 Details Leaked


A report over at CVG seems to have ‘confirmed’ Killzone 3’s existance as well as new features to the franchise namely compatiblity with the Sony Motion Control Device, and full Stereoscopic 3D graphics (assuming you have the telly for it!).

It’s forming a key part of both Sony’s Motion Control and 3D push towards the end of THIS YEAR!

It gives the game a solid 18 month dev cycle and puts Killzone up against Call of Duty in the Q4 2010 line up. Hopefully enough time will be spent building on Killzone 2’s solid ground work and not just injecting fancy new technology!


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  1. and improve on the god awful single player! oh and make sure it doesn’t look like a swish muddy turd πŸ™‚

  2. valaysir says:

    So rather than have it look like the best FPS around, you’d rather it looked like the crap that’s currently out, hmmm? Funny I don’t think the devs will see it that way. And the Single Player campaign at least allowed a little more player freedom and thought than COD. The only thing Killzone needs to fix is the controls – They need to be far more responsive.

  3. You think its the best looking fps out? I personally think its just far too dark to show off what the ps3 is capable of (ala Uncharted 2). Yes its technically stunning , I’ve never seen so much stuff flying around me , however it lacked in story and an emotional drive. Online however was great , just got a tad annoying when you gave it a break for a month came back and everyone was like 20 levels above you and could kill you with everything under the sun. I completely agree with the controls , Id put it down to the dualshock 3 though , I cant stand it lol. I did love the sense of weight you got with your character online , surround sound was also a high point.

  4. valaysir says:

    No other FPS apart from the new MOH even comes close. Darkness and carefully selected colour palettes are an artistic choice – just as it was for Gears of War – not every game is supposed to be bursting with colour, just as you get movies like Saving Private Ryan that are often awash in dulled colours. The online levels don’t create a vast gap of advantage – a player with at least a few class skills should fare well against General rank and above. And the DualShock is not to blame for the controls. I’ve played quite a few multiplatform titles that handle identical on both 360 and PS3. Resistance and Uncharted also have no controller issues.
    What your talking about is mostly a case of preference – in terms of colour, story and pad prefs. πŸ˜‰

    1. I agree there with Resistance and Uncharted , although I didn’t rate Resistance much lol Uncharted 2 was my game of 2009 though , stunning.

  5. haify says:

    Killzone 2 = Awesome πŸ˜€

    Killzone 3 = Totaly Awesome πŸ˜›

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