Shoot 1UP – A Love Affair Begins…


Shoot 1UP is the latest Xbox Indie Game from ‘Weapon Of Choice’ Developer Mommy’s Best Games. Available now on Xbox Live, Shoot 1UP is an amazingly fresh take on the traditional vertical scrolling shoot em up and if the 80 point price tag cant tempt you, then the thrilling action will!

I have dabbled in Shoot-Em-Ups (or Shmups) over the years, from the likes of Xenon 2 Megablast to Parodius. While I have fond memories of the Shmups of old, the modern-day “Bullet Hell” shooters require a Zen like concentration that sadly i seem to lack and death  is all to frequent occurence.

The main gameplay feature of the Shoot 1UP is that there is no traditional life counter anywhere on the screen. Instead, you control ALL your lives simultaneously.  Each time you collect a 1up the additional ship joins you on-screen. An armada of up to 30 ships can be yours to control and that makes for a hell of a lot of fire power at your disposal.

There is a great deal of control over the formation of your fleet. Drawing them together with LT to allows you to negotiate the swarms of enemies by snaking through the paths of enemy fire. While expanding them out in a circle with RT makes things tougher to control but  raises a ‘Spread Multiplier’ which will boost your score massively. The risky Spread out formation also provides you with a devastatingly powerful PLASMA AUGER. A weapon capable of   Risk Vs Reward at its very finest.

A defining feature of a decent Shmup is a good boss fight, and here Shoot1up excels. Over the course of 6 stages the player covers everything from alien fish creatures, mechanical engines of death to the mighty Mecha Lilith. The huge woman with robotic breasts who seems to have been ripped straight from an 80s heavy metal album cover with the intention of delighting and destroying you. Having seen her in screen shots i had a genuine buzz of excitement as i reached her as she reminded me that decent Boss encounters are a rarity these days and ones with Cyber boobies even rarer!

Despite the insanity of what i was fighting the game never once felt unfair or that i was being punished by the AI. I knew that finishing my first run through the game was only the start of my love affair. There are leaderboards to conquer, 3 different difficulty modes  and a Special mode featuring a single ship for traditionalists. Sadly, the leaderboards are all local rather than online, which is a shame as having a running comparison against your Friends List would have been a great addition.

Maybe the most influential feature to encourage repeat play throughs are the 17 Awards (Achievements) for the player to collect. Difficulty varies greatly, ‘Take It Easy’ is awarded once you complete the game on Chilled mode, but finishing the game without losing a single ship will net you the ‘Robin’s Egg’ award. Only the Shoot 1UP elite are likely to get all 17, but the range of requirements are so varied you will go back multiple times to try your luck at getting them all anyway. The “one more go” effect that leads to lost hours in front of the console will drag you in and never let go!

Surely, that’s enough content for a game costing less than £1? No? Well, throw in simultaneous 2 player action (Up to 60 ships on-screen!) and an additional craft to unlock and you have our choice for TOP Xbox Live Indie Game. Sorry, I MAED A GAM3 W1TH Z0MBIES your time is up!


A Game that shows that XBLIG are capable of high quality and can push boundaries and conventions. Puts many full priced XBLA game to shame!


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Darren Middleditch says:

    holy moley its like i went back in time and was playing my amiga again(dad come and have a look at these grafix ?!?)

    Well done rob top review as always

  2. dantelockload says:

    Cant believe its only 80 points! going to download tonight after the cast 😀

  3. DeadmanXIII says:

    Darren! Great to see you mate! Hope You stick around and enjoy the site.

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