Déjà vu or Lost In Nightmares? Review

I bet that’s what Chris and Jill thought when they saw the Mansion! and so will you..

Déjà vu you say? yes only if you played the other Resident Evil’s though, Lost In Nightmares is the new downloadable chapter out for Resident Evil 5.

Lost In Nightmares is a flashback scenario which follows Chris Redfield and Jill Valentine during their stay at Oswell E. Spencer’s Mansion three years before Resident Evil 5. It keeps the co-op and the RE5 game play but adds some thing much better that they left out……………… and that’s the terrifying atmosphere!

Is there anything more scary than walking around a quiet mansion in the dark when there is a thunder-storm outside? The answer is yes 😛  not only do you get the same  familiar feel from the first Resident Evil ,which brings back all those horrible memories! But this time there is an added prison, you can’t have a scary mansion with out your very own prison now can you?


Lost In Nightmares brings back that horrible feeling when your going from room to room looking for a key or item for a locked door and you just keep thinking some thing bad is going to happen and kill you or even worse the dog is going to jump through the window again? (Good old times) enough about that as there is still more to talk about like how they added more co-op and interactive puzzles from stuff like the typical partner gets locked in a room and the roof is coming down with spikes on it, so you have to find the controls in time to stop it to more interactive puzzles like playing the piano to open a door and one wrong key and slam the door closes. This does bring us to one bad thing and thats the dialogue there isn’t really much between the two, you would have thought Jill and Chris would have been close as they’ve been through a lot with each other but they just seemed distant.

Wow I’ve written quite a lot haven’t I? and I haven’t even brought up the most important thing yet have I? well no more waiting this is kinda good but bad thing about the game with some awesomeness and the awesomeness is there is ZOMBIES! yes that’s right there is old school zombies and not parasite zombies, now the bad thing is there is only a few of these dotted around the mansion and prison and most of them are the playing dead zombies who jump up at you for a hug when you walk past them. The good thing is these aren’t your main threat so this makes up for the bad i think as there big, scary and carry a massive anchor which looks like it would hurt badly if it hits you and these lovely things are known as Guardian of Insanity. They can take quite a beating before they go down so you may run out of ammunition that’s what happened to me and I had to run around luring it so my friend could hit its weak spot for massive damage! You might have to do the same as there isn’t a lot of ammo lying around the machine im afraid. To finish off the whole chapter you get to fight Weska whichis a pain again but if he wasn’t then it wouldn’t be good now would it?


Lost In Nightmares try to bring old school Resi and new Resi together and personally I think it does a great job doing so in just over an hours gameplay, also I’m not afraid to say it did frighten me when I played it with my friend. Think I might have jumped a few times too it brought back memories of playing Resident Evil Remake on the Cuba back in the day now that was the scariest game I’ve ever played!! The best moment I had playing it was during the fight with weska which gave me the great quote “Weska over powered kicked me through a book-case!” shame i don’t have a screenie but when we was fighting him he came over to me and I didn’t dodge in time so he kicked me but i was close to the book cases so i fell through them to my death hahaha was funniest thing I saw.

Oh yeah there is an extra along with the chapter and that is Mercenaries reunion which allows you to play as characters from the past Resident Evil’s like the legendary Barry Burton.

To round it all up I would give it a 4/5 its awesome but a little bit more dialogue like friendly banter or some thing and more zombie killing would make it a lot better.

Resident Evil 5: Lost In Nightmares is out now on Live and PSN for 400 MS Points and £3.99 or coming out in march you can get it included in the Gold Edition for the game.

Just want to say thanks for reading (if you did :D) and hope you enjoyed reading as this is my  first time doing a review and its hard the amount of rewrites on the title alone was crazy + I didn’t want to spoil it to badly so hopefully I haven’t.


5 Comments Add yours

  1. DeadmanXIII says:

    Is it worth rebuying resi 5 for? I rented and completed it and have no interest in replaying the main game but think this dlc sounds pretty special, I hope there’s a return to (proper) zombies in resi6ent evil!

  2. DeadmanXIII says:

    Oh and Barry Burtons a frickin legend!

  3. haify says:

    I would say yes only because the Gold Edition is coming out next month which basically has all the DLC with it and the FACT that you get to play Barry Burton in Mercenaries mode and headbutt zombies is worth it alone.

    Hopefully Resi 6 will follow the lead from lost in nightmares and go back to survival horror with real zombies like you said!

    Also I forgot to mention in the review there is an easter egg, which i have yet to try out and that is investage the front door untill it replies with “?” and you get old school res camera mode 😀

  4. dantelockload says:

    Nice post haify 😀 had to change the opening image as was too small hope you dont mind 🙂

    1. haify says:

      Cheers 😛 and I did wounder why the image looked different and grew bigger haha looks better now.

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