360 Final Fantasy XIII 18 Gig install!

Oh dear :S. Its been found that the install for Final Fantasy XIII is a massive 18 Gig across all three discs! ……

Granted the install is optional but from previous experiences with big tittles on the xbox such as Elder Scrolls:Oblivion It would seems the best route to go.

So this means not only will you have to swap the 3 discs in order to play but also install roughly 6 gig from each one to do so!.

I feel for the 360 owners but take solcace in my words ………………….. while you are waiting for an install i will be playing a superior version of the game on my PS3 with no intall required 😛

Wait did I say solace ? I meant sarcasm 😛


4 Comments Add yours

  1. DeadmanXIII says:

    Your such a bitch :p

  2. valaysir says:

    You’re enjoying this too much. You also could have mentioned that 18gig is less than Half of the data that is on the Blu-Ray. Take into account the repetition of data that has to take place over three discs and you get a severely compressed game.

  3. Dante = fan boy hehe.. *runs off*

  4. dantelockload says:

    @ Deadman in a word yes :p
    @ Aysir yes and thankyou for backing my cause 😀
    @ Matt Only when it comes to FF and it being the best it can be 😛 i actually quite like the 360 for other stuffs 😛 + runs after Matt and casts Ultima on him 😛

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