The HyPE: Devil May Cry

Devil may or may not cry...
“Time to go to work, guys!”

Here we are then, the first chapter in The Hylian’s PlayStation Experience. And what a game to kick things off with! Devil May Cry is frequently touted as one of the best games and best franchises of all time. This very game recently featured in Gametrailers’ Top 10 of the Decade! But before I delve into my own first-time opinion of the game, a brief history lesson…

Devil May Cry was only the second game to be directed by Hideki Kamiya – his first being Resident Evil 2 (he also worked as a system planner on the original Resi). After bypassing the production of Resident Evil 3: Nemesis, he jumped back on board for Resident Evil 4. However, Kamiya and his “Team Little Devil” were creating a game so disparate from the Resident Evil series in terms of gameplay and setting, that the project instead became something entirely new: Devil May Cry.

Devil still undecided on emotional habits

The game begins with a brief (but totally badass) opening cutscene that sets Dante up as one of the coolest characters ever to be digitized! I’m not a fan of his voice actor but I can’t deny that he’s an inimitably engaging character. You’re whisked away to a far-off island to prevent the demon emperor Mundus from rising and control is handed to you from there.

You can immediately tell this used to be a Resi game – the visual style, the atmosphere and the fixed camera angles all give hints as to the game’s ancestory. It doesn’t take long, however, before you realise you’re not in Raccoon City anymore! Early on you’re just collecting gems, letting the eerie and ubiquitous organ music creep you out. Then, you meet the marionettes…

Now you’re playing an entirely new breed of game! The music switches to heavy metal as you begin to find yourself surrounded by these demonic puppets, you’re all out of bubblegum and it’s time to kick ass! For your first attack you might break out the dual pistols or take a swing at them with your sword, when all of a sudden the game insults you…

“‘Dull’?! What do you mean ‘Dull’?!?!” I shouted at the screen after dispatching a few enemies swiftly and with what I thought was flair. Alas, the game disagreed. I was forced, nay, coerced into upping the ante – working hard to get from a “Dull” combo through to a “Cool” one.. then onto a “Bravo!” and if I got lucky… “Awesome!” Wait… those are in alphabetical order! Hah! It’s not just random buzzwords, they’re actually grading my attacks from D to A! It’s like being back at school, but with giant swords and bad guys to slice/shoot to pieces!

And in the end, that’s the crux of the game. From what I’ve gathered the story is throwaway and the adventure is run-of-the-mill, but the designers’ decision to make you focus on your style of combat is a definite winner! Not only are you ranked for each attack but also at the end of each mission (using the same grading system). This gives you real incentive to try again several times if only to beat your score! I don’t often chase achievements or high scores but Devil May Cry tricked me into wanting to just so I could see it call me awesome again!

I’m not all that far into it but I’m already impressed… and as far as introducing me to the glory of the PlayStation 2 is concerned, well, let’s just say I’m really looking forward to the next game!


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  1. valaysir says:

    Couple of things to note about DMC:
    1. DMC 3 is the best in the series – and if you get that time, give it a spin.
    2. The PAL conversion for DMC 1 is horrendous! The version you’re probably playing is running 17.5% slower than it ought to be. Which also means it’s harder to get stylish combos (It’s far easier on the NTSC version)

  2. The Hylian says:

    You know, it’s funny.. I was going to mention the speed being somewhat underwhelming but I wondered if it was just me! I’ll certainly be tracking down DMC3, but I’ve been told to avoid 2 like the plague!

  3. HouseMD says:

    Love the article. Love the game. Hate the sequels (all of them).

    I am left with one question, however… What’s next on the list, The Hylian?

  4. DeadmanXIII says:

    Where’s the next episode? 😦

  5. BiasterChief says:

    DMC3 is definitely the one to aspire to! It seems much less accessible then the first though, much more challenging, so its good to have the experience under your belt of earlier titles.

    Certainly ignore the second one, what a pile of pap!! Usually female secondary characters can only enhance a game… not here.

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