Whats this? Theres some game called Super street fighter 4 ? and its got new characters!

thunder thighs!

Yep this is dpaddependency and we are talking about Street Fighter :D!!!

Recent screen shots from Famitsu show 3 more characters looking to join the ranks of Super Street Fighter 4…..

As you can see Ibuki and Makoto are confirmed from the screen shot above! Two powerful lady types looking to kick some serous arse!. For people who are not familiar with these two they are from Street Fighter III and firm favourites from the game so expect much rejoicing from the hardcore fans!

An equal hurrah from the Street Fighter III fans will be heard for the inclusion of this guy ……

The prim and proper English boxer Dudley is set to shake up all those Balrog players and give them a right good hiding with a challenge to fisty cuffs!

So that’s 3 down 1 character left to reveal? who do you think it will be ? I hope its an alternate Guile modelled on Jean Claude so I can kick his arse all day long with Ken 😀


One Comment Add yours

  1. DeadmanXIII says:

    I just noticed that they are new backgrounds! Likely to be Gief and Sim’s. Awesome!

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