Uncharted 2sday RECAP!

This aint gonna end well for one of us

 Another Uncharted 2sday draws to a close and i have to say…. Best.One.Ever!

Even I had underestimated how much better it is playing with Friends online rather than the great random online public. We kept this UC2Day strictly private matches and it was all the better for it. We played a bunch of Deathmatches, Tried out Turf War and ended the night Gears Of War Style and played some Elimination.  Shout outs to Moonhead, Macslack and JD1982 who popped their DPD : Game Night Cherries.

Player Of The Night though goes To HaIfy, who depsite early worries about his lack of UC2 experience managed to blow us all away with some ridiculous kill counts! 

Anyone who took part feel free to brag in the comments, and for now Here are a few selected moments from the night.

BOOM Shake Shake Shake The Room
Point, Shoot, Pray!
To Infinity... AND BEYOND!

2 Comments Add yours

  1. haify says:

    Thats me and Dead in thte first picture!!!!! I remeber that moment so well the good times :]

    Btw how do you take pictures in uncharted?

  2. valaysir says:

    That would be me flying in the last picture I expect 🙂
    You can take screenshots from the cinema mode in the game that lets you rewatch any vs matches.

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