How Much Would You Spend on a Console?

This might not seem like much to you. In fact, 20 years ago you’d have paid less than $200 for a bundle like this! But eBay made headlines again this weekend when this exact bundle reached $13,105!!

Strangely enough, it wasn’t for the console that the price soared so high. No, it’s for that game on the far left – Stadium Events. Most collectors will tell you that this game is just about the rarest licensed NES game in the United States. When first released by Bandai in 1987, they launched in in one department store chain only as a ‘test run’. Less than a year later, legal issues caused the game to be recalled and (it’s believed) destroyed.

Around 2000 copies of the game were produced, of which it’s estimated around 200 reached consumers. Nowadays, it is estimated that less than 10 copies exist with their original box and manual. There is also believed to be a total of 1 factory-sealed copy of the game left in the world.

And that brings us back to our main story! eBay user lace_thongs35 clearly had no idea what a goldmine she was sitting on when she placed the item for a starting bid of $9.99. 3 hours on, though, and she must have realised she’d been missing a trick when bidding hit the $300 mark! Then out of nowhere, the bidding leaped from $400 to $2,000!

Literally minutes later, that price had doubled and 2 days later it doubled again (to $8,000 if you’d lost track)! After a steady climb through the next few days, the bidding war came to a head when one user went for gold at $13,005 in the auction’s final minutes. However, he became a sniper’s victim and $100 was added with 6 seconds left to go.

So there you have it. $13,105 for a NES with games. More money than sense, or a smart investment?


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  1. Aysir says:

    I think I sold a bundle very similar to that at Gamestation – I priced it at £19.99…shows what I know 🙂

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