Heavy Rain trophies revealed…sort of…

With the American street date broken by Blockbuster and some people over this side already drooling over their copies, the Trophies for Heavy Rain are now floating around. Thankfully most of them are hidden and so you’re not in any risk of spoiling the story for yourself by glancing at them. It’s a little strange that one of the trophies requires you to get all the endings, as David Cage himself said multiple playthrough’s could ‘Kill the magic‘. Then again if the trophies didn’t promote prolonged gameplay – what good would they be. See the four revealed trophies after the break.

  • Interactive Drama – Thank you for supporting Interactive Drama (Bronze)
  • Heavy Rain Hero – Finish Heavy Rain (Bronze)
  • Four Heroes – Complete the story with four characters alive (Silver)
  • All Endings – See all endings (Gold)

The rest of them are all ??? Which are always a good idea for story related trophies. Personally I can’t wait to get my hands on this ‘Interactive Drama’ 🙂


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