The Hylian’s PlayStation Experience: Introduction

PS2, Here I come!
There’s a huge gap in my gaming history. A 15 year gap in my electronic experiences that, until now, has not been properly filled. I have a confession, my friends: I never had a PlayStation.

Not a PS1, nor a PS2 and (not yet, at least) neither PS3 nor PSP. I have lived almost my entire game-playing life Sonyless. Now that’s not to say I’ve never played one before. Of course I have… but even then it’s probably been less than 48 hours of gameplay combined. In fact I could count all the games I’ve played on a Sony console on one hand!

However, just over a month ago, my uncle donated his PS2 to me. I was happy, another console for the growing collection! But when I told people about my acquisition, along with the fact I’d never had one before, something strange happened.

“Oh man, you HAVE to play this…” “WHAT?! You’ve never played…” “God, I wish I could play that for the first time again…”. That last quote struck a chord and I had an idea. I’m sure most of you reading this have fond memories of many PlayStation 1 + 2 titles, but I have none. Therefore I’m the perfect conduit for this experiment: I’m going to play as many classic PS1 and PS2 games as I can for the first time, with the goal being to recreate your first memories of the games you hold dear to you!
Just some of the games I'll be enjoying
I’ll be diving into Devil May Cry, grappling with God of War, mastering Metal Gear Solid, sauntering through Silent Hill and so much more! There’ll be no order to this, I’ll simply be picking up games wherever I see a good bargain and playing them as soon as I get a chance. Requests are welcomed (you can PM me on the DPD Boards) but bear in mind I have to find the games first!

I have just 3 personal criteria:
-It must be PlayStation exclusive or, at the very least, not be available on a Nintendo console.
-No sports sims. I just don’t like ’em.
-The more acclaim, the better: there’s no point evoking memories of games only a handful have played, plus I’d prefer to stick to good games! 😛

With over 2400 games in the PS2 back catalogue alone, this will be no mean feat. However, I certainly hope that both you and I gain something from this: The Hylian’s PlayStation Experience!


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