Xbox 360: FFXIII Super-Elite Bundle Announced

The FFXIII Super Elite
You’re looking at the latest reason Sony/Final Fantasy fanboys are up in arms in Western Territories! (Sorry, dantelockload)

Microsoft announced today their latest addition to the growing family of Super Elites – the Final Fantasy XIII bundle! The first white Elite will come with 2 wireless pads, a wired headset and this snazzy-looking boxart! Customers who pre-order theirs from Game or Gamestation will also receive a limited edition faceplate for the game!

Sony have yet to announce whether they’ll be doing anything to rival this, but it seems unlikely at this late stage that they’ll be exporting their FFXIII-design PS3 outside of Asia.

To be fair, this seems a pretty ridiculous bundle. What’s the point in an extra pad and a headset for a game with no co-op or online play? I’m not sure Microsoft fully thought this one through! Still, like the other Supers before it, the FFXIII bundle will be retailing at £249.99 RRP.


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  1. Aysir says:

    Seems an move, considering FFXIII is not really a system seller for 360. If you have a 360 already, okay, you might get FFXIII, but you wouldn’t buy the 360 for FFXIII – since PS3 is the better choice for the game. Seems a stupid decision, but then so was hijacking all of the early JPRG’s to try (and fail) to capture Japan.

  2. dantelockload says:

    not happy times 1 billion 😦

  3. rush says:

    need to try this one.. 😀

  4. HouseMD says:

    I do like the box art… may buy it for the box…

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