Alien Vs Predator Demo: Early Impressions (PS3)


As reported the Alien Vs Predator MP Demo hit all the major platforms today. Full on nasty beast versus nasty beast death match action. The Demo features 8 players, on the Refinery map. All three species are selectable, though there appears to be a limit of two Predators per game. Each species brings a series of features and benefits and it’s up to the player to find a favourite (its gonna be the Predator)!

The Predator brings the ability to turn invisible which makes for easy stealth kills. An almost surefire tip for success. He has a selection of vision modes, normal, thermal and ‘i-can-see-the-aliens-o-vision’. The dark corridors lose any sense of fear as your enemies are lit up like rainbow christmas trees.

The Alien and Marines do have their own selection of unique features. The Marine is armed with a Pulse Rifle and can pick up additional guns and ammo, as well as having a Med Pack system to recover health. Also the Marines carry torches, which light your path in the darkness, and basically create a HUGE arrow pointing the other players to your location! The motion tracker works pretty well, so you know when people are in front of you, but serves no help for the invisible Predator laughing his ass off behind you!

The Alien’s limited to swipes with its claws and strikes with its tail, whoopie.

It can also run up any surface and is at home on the ceiling as it is on the ground. Personally I didn’t find this much of a help, as it hard to slash someone below you.

The main thing that stands out on the Demo, is that it takes FOREVER to get into a game. it’s a shame that once a full 8 players are put together in a lobby they can’t stay together and jump straight into the next game, instead you’re kicked back to the menu and have to suffer the agonising wait for the next match. I’ve been sat waiting for a game for the last   (i wish i was kidding) and am giving up to try the Battlefield Demo.

 Worth mentioning that im playing on the PS3, please post your experiances  of the 360/PC versions in the comments.


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  1. valaysir says:

    I tried a little and gave up, it takes far tooo long to try to get into AvP. Battlefield however is a quick and very slick experience. Sega should be kicking themselves for releasing the demo of AvP at the same time as BFBC2, because it doesn’t stack up well.

  2. Restless says:

    i have yet to get into the game itself, maybe i’m just incapable of waiting the required time but all i can say so far is the interface is ok… i guess…

    1. deadmanxiii says:

      I managed to get in pretty easily about lunchtime today. I’m also getting spanned by invites to the demo from people I don’t know. I guess it’s a way to populate the lobby without relying on matchmaking!

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