What the F is going on?!!

Some strange goings on here with Gears of War Marcus and Dom on loan to help kick some Akrid arse!

Capcom are very lucky boys and girls indeed, as they will be getting a big helping hand from Marcus Fenix and Dominic Santiago. EPIC have the terrible twosome on loan for Lost Planet 2 although sources say that they will not be playable characters for the main storyline and will be downloadable, most likely for multiplayer co-op only missions?

Either way looks freaking sweet! With Lost Planet 2 already firmly  on my buying list I am one happy Akrid/locust killer!


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  1. DeadmanXIII says:

    2010 year of the game crossover! I guess the COG soldiers have a little experience in dirty great insect extermination. With this, banjo/kazooie in ssr and uncharted2s new dlc, maybe DMC/bayonetta could happen after all. I’d like to see capcom buy up the mortal kombat licence and finally give us SFvsMK.

    I wonder who will crop up in a different series next, never expected Gears in lost planet. I’m guessing it’s only the 360 version. Maybe we will get someone else for ps3?

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