Samurai Shodown Sen for UK

Samurai Shodown enters the world of 3D this spring when Samurai Shodown Sen, the eleventh in the series, hits the UK!

Rising Star will be publishing the SNK Playmore title and are confident they have what it takes to square up to Street Fighter.

The latest incarnation of the franchise drops 2D graphics AND gameplay choosing to follow the Soul Calibur model with horizontal and vertical attacks replacing the games traditional controls. Graphically the game can’t compete with SF4 or Soul Calibur for that matter and the inclusion of beheadings, removal of limbs and slicing opponents in half seems a tad gimmicky and attention grabbing.

A pity then, as despite it’s flaws SNK stablemate king of fighters 12 has a solid game to build upon for kof13, Samurai Shodown Sen might have gone in the wrong direction.


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