Gran Turismo 5 Stalls At The Lights


So very close and yet so very far. Gran Turismo 5, the Holy Grail of PS3 racers has been delyed from it’s Japanese release date of March 2010, to an unannounced date ‘sometime’ this year.

Maybe GT5 should have been pushed out the door much nearer to release instead if working on Prologue. We would be waiting eagerly or GT6 right about now. Thanks to these delays and a steady build up of hype GT5 has unachievable expectations on it. Forza 3 is the bench mark for racers this generation, if GT5 is to succeed on any level it will need to blow Forza away, and I just doubt if there is that much room for improvment.

Let’s hope these delays will be worth it!


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  1. DeadmanXIII says:

    1st post written on the iPod Touch. Can’t believe it’s got knocked back again. I’d it’s not Best Game Ever it’s gonna flop and seriously hurt the playstation brand. I don’t expect to see GT5 in the UK till Xmas at the earliest now.

  2. Aysir says:

    Does anyone even care anymore? Polyphony are the most spoiled studio in the world and after the, frankly, rather rubbish Portable version, they have a lot to prove. It certainly better look better than the Time Trial demo – that really just looked like an upgrade to Prologue.

    1. haify says:

      I do 😀 but I’m not really fussed tho but will still pick it up when comes out.

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