Sonic to Get His Mojo Back?

Project Needlemouse Characters... Or Not!
Sonic, eh? Talk about how the mighty have fallen. He hasn’t starred in a decent platformer since Sonic Adventure, and some would even argue that point. But last year, SEGA announced Project Needlemouse – claiming a return to form for their beloved, albeit much maligned mascot!

All they said at the time was that Sonic was returning to us. In hi-def (woo), 2D (Woohoo!), and without any guns, swords, “werehogs” or other stupid gimmicks (Yippee!!!) Okay, they didn’t say the last part but it was inferred! As of this week, though, SEGA America are ready to start spillin’. Their blog reveals a competition of sorts! They’ll be testing the knowledge of die-hard Sonic fans throughout the week, and the more correct answers they receive the more they’ll be divulging about the new game!

For example, see the pic at the top of this post? They’ll be removing the names of characters NOT appearing in the new game daily, provided they get enough correct answers. There’s also a bonus points scheme whereby “…at least three bonus points …[will]… give you all something special this Friday!”! Might be worth keeping an eye on this one – I’m still prepared to give the blue guy one more chance!

Charmy the Bee (Sonic Heroes) and Chip (Sonic Unleashed) have both been eliminated! My prediction is that we’ll only be left with Sonic by the end of this!
The Hylian – His gods destroyed him!


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  1. deadmanxiii says:

    i cant believe Tails isnt on there! he is an annoying little git these days, but id have loved to have seen Tails running along side Sonic ala Sonic 2!

    Im hoping for 2D Hand Drawn sprites, not 3D models like New Super Mario.

  2. The Hylian says:

    Personally I think this is something of a red herring. They haven’t said these are the only possible characters to be appearing, just that the ones crossed off the list definitely won’t be! I think the game will definitely feature Sonic, Tails anad Knuckles.

    I’m with you on the art direction, but what say you to voice acting? Animated/FMV cutscenes? Chiptune music vs guitar riffs vs full-blown orchestral soundtracks?

  3. DeadmanXIII says:

    I would say. NO to cutscenes all together. Didn’t need em in the megadrive sonics, don’t need em now!

  4. xeroxeroxero says:

    My cash is on a complete reboot for the series (again) and as The Hylian points out, probably only with Sonic. I don’t think it is a question of whether they will be going back to their roots, I think it’s a question of whether those roots are still strong enough to be a viable play option today.

  5. deadmanxiii says:

    A Traditional style 2D platformer of any real quality is very hard to find these days. Other than Braid I cant think of any to rival Mario Bros. A shame, because a 2D side scroller in HD would work SO well on PSN/XBLA. Are devs jut plain scared of Mario?

  6. dantelockload says:


  7. The Hylian says:

    I’ve got an image now of Mario & Luigi, holding pipe wrenches and glaring menacingly at a room full of game devs! Man, we need to do a webcomic!

  8. deadmanxiii says:

    haha, Some guy at Sony says “hey lets do a classic 2D platformer in Hd” Suddenly a turtle shell smashes through the window and there is a squeal of burning rubber as a go-kart speeds away!

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