N³: Movies, Friend Codes and an Early Retirement for Samus

It's N³!

Hey y’all! Time to get on with the biggest stories of the week for Nintendo fans. We’ve got 2 very interesting stories and one strange and one somewhat unfortunate story.

Netflix Confirms Wii Involvement
Popular movie and TV show rental/streaming site Netflix today confirmed that they would be bringing Nintendo in line with the rest of the generation by offering their own services to Wii owners! Okay, the bad news first: it’s only been confirmed for North America so far, and you already have to be a subscriber to their service (which really sucks given that I just signed up with LOVEFiLM)! The good news is that it’s happening this Q1! And also that Reggie Fils-Aimé (NoA President) is fully backing the project and has even hinted that it may pave the way for finally unlocking the Wii’s DVD playback functionality!

RUMOUR: Say Goodbye to your Friends… codes
IGN have the inside scoop on this one, but there are strong rumours going around that Nintendo are planning on ditching their Friend Code system! Save your cheers, for the same rumours suggest that one overall console code will be used for all games – one that won’t be linked to any kind of account system a la XBL or PSN. Still, this is a big step forward for the previously online-phobic company if the rumours are true. We’ve already seen a forerunner for this with Guitar Hero 5, which automatically copies your console’s address book over to it’s Wi-Fi mode without the need to manually input new codes for friends you already have! Nothing concrete on this yet, but watch this space!

Collector's Edition - They Really Meant It!
Samus & Wario Face Retirement, Mario Hangs Up his Footie Boots
And finally, the news that Nintendo have ceased production of the following titles:
-Battalian Wars 2
-Mario Strikers Football: Charged!
-Wario Land: The Shake Dimension
and somewhat perplexingly
-Metroid Prime: Trilogy

Yeah, if you were wondering why every copy of MP:T was branded a “Collector’s Edition”, it seems it’s because only those who snapped it up quick would get a copy! Less than six months after its initial release, the compilation is being dropped! Nobody’s entirely sure why, though. Perhaps they’re planning to release Primes 1 + 2 seperately in their New Play Control range?
The Hylian – Hey! Listen!


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