Play Halo on your PS3!

Play Halo on your PS3!!……..

…..Ok so when i say play i mean watch and when i say Ps3 i mean the Blu-ray version of Halo Legends but let not nit pick eh 😀

Due for release on the 15th of February i must admit I haven’t really looked into the Halo Legends universe much, which surprises myself as I am quite a big fan of both Halo and anime :D. But this will soon be changing as you and i will be able to watch all of the seven Halo Legends stories on shiny Blu-ray.

The Halo Legends Blu-ray will contain the following.

  • The Making of Halo Legends – An introduction to Halo Legends followed by a making-of segment for each episode
  • Halo: Gaming Evolved – Explaining the Halo phenomenon from its inception as an Xbox video game to a present day entertainment franchise.
  • Audio Commentary with directors Frank O’Connor and Joseph Chou
  • Wide-screen (1.78:1)
  • Halo : The story so far

Not too shabby huh! and all this for the RRP price of  £24.99. But why pay that when have it for £15.99

There will also be a standard and 2 disc special editions available for £12.99 and £15.99 RRP respectivley but again see below 😀   – Standard    – Special 2 Disc



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