Holy flying crap of Super Street fighter 4 goodness!!!

Almost messed my pants! twice!!


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  1. deadmanxiii says:

    I LOVE that you made a category just for Street Fighter stuff. Im so excited for this, i encourage everyone to join me in taking a week of when this is out.

  2. dantelockload says:

    dam right! bar ff13 it is the game i wants mostest!

  3. haify says:

    Yawn looks the same as the first one to me :[ haha

  4. deadmanxiii says:

    haIfy, WTF dude?

    1. haify says:

      Well it does tho you have to admit it!

  5. dantelockload says:

    Haify! me and you are gonna have a falling out my son! 😛 its an add on to SF4 to start with + shut up :p yea that told u lol :S

  6. deadmanxiii says:

    it is NOT just an add-on! Jeeezz, its WAY more than an add-on. Tweaks to every character, EXTRA characters, stages, ultras. Just the addition of extra ultras changes the way the game is played. A-MAZING

  7. haify says:

    But still looks the same to me tho :[

  8. deadmanxiii says:

    ok, you need to buy SF4 on ps3. you will have Dantelockload and myself to play with and help you improve your game. once you have played enough of it, you will realie that Super SF4 will be a totally new experiance!

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