DPD: Game Of The Year 2009

Nearly one week into 2010, and we are finally ready to reveal our Top 10 Games Of The Year 2009, as voted by YOU, the DPAD Dependents! 35 different games recieved nominations this year, just going to show how varied and wonderful you guys and girls are. I want to thank everyone that voted and with that said lets see who won!


EA takes on Forza and an absent Gran Turismo at their own game and comes off rather well.


The grandfather of modern fighting games returns and takes it place as the GREATEST beat em up of all time


FPS meets RPG and makes a sexy baby, sprinkle on 4 player co-op and a bazillion guns and you have a recipe for fun

7. FORZA 3

Turn 10 made a racer to be played by car lovers whatever their skill level, and making it gorgeous didn’t hurt it either.


The new IP from the makers of Sly Racoon, i think we all played as a good guy 1st, then played as a complete bastard!


5. LEFT 4 DEAD 2

Its the game that Left 4 Dead always aspired to be, and all the tweaks revisions and frying pans Valve have added come together to make one of the definitive Co-op experiances on 360/PC. The incredible AI Director actually changes the layout of the map in addition to locations of health and weapons making for a unique experiance each time you play. Only missing Bill’s awesome beard, but for that there is DLC.


Ubisoft actually listened to the fans and critics of the original game, and fixed all of it’s wrongs. The tale of Desmond/Ezio is a true example of how to make a succesful video game sequal.


The closest thing you will find to an interactive action film this (or any other) year. The continuing adventures of Nathan Drake captivate and excite in equal measures. The attention to detail in every frame, the quality of every component of the game is what made this many other gaming websites Game Of The Year, and a very deserving title it is to. The PS3 continues to suffer from poor 360 conversions (Bayonetta, im looking at you) but UC2 shows exactly what the Ps3 is capable with a decent developer pushing it.


I think what really got people about Arkham was the joy in just how bloody amazing it really is. It delivered standout moments time and time again from the haunting Scarecrow dream sequences, cryptic crime scene investigations to  the titanic battles with some of the most iconic Batman villians of all time. Personally, the depiction of Joker was a genuine highlight, so much so that i cant enjoy the Dark Knight movie anymore. Sorry Heath, Mark Hammil IS Joker!

So by now you have probably got a reasonable guess as to what is number 1, and your probably right.

DPAD Dependency GAME OF THE YEAR 2009 – Call Of Duty:Modern Warfare 2

The hype machine was in full force, other games ran scared into the next decade to avoid it in the release schedule and it has topped the UK sales charts for the past 8 weeks. MW2 is a monster in every sense of the word. Infinity Ward has managed to improve on what many felt was the ultimate FPS experiance. Revolutionary additions such as Death Streaks and the sheer level of customisation options available to players enhanced the already incredible multiplayer experiance from 2 years before. The story mode captured headlines with scenes that at times made even me uncomfortable. This is NOT a game for kiddies.

Mw2 has raised the bar for the FPS yet again, Treyarch had better pull of something VERY special for COD7, as a recycle of MW2 and a return to WW2 just wont cut it. Truth be told, MW2 will likely last for a good 2 years anyway. I may even be able to Prestige this time!


7 Comments Add yours

  1. haify says:

    Why did CoD have to win? its such a dull game 😐 Batman should of beaten that easy.

  2. Marconi says:

    I agree with Haify! CoD shouldn’t be proclaimed “Best Game Ever” just cause it sold the most units!

    After all, people only play it for the multiplayer! At least Batman and Uncharted gave true all round gaming experiences that didn’t rely on the draw of the online multiplayer!

    They both have better Graphics, gameplay, value for money, and indeed a decent plot which is all but non-exsitant in CoD!

    Boo for CoD! What’s so great about the multiplayer anyway…turn a corner…die! Turn another corner Die! Oh look I killed a bloke…oh now I’m dead! Not much variety!

  3. deadmanxiii says:

    our top ten want based on sales, i questioned the people and this was the result. Dont dismiss MW2 just because it sold so many copies and is “the popular choice”, Call of Duty is popular because it the excellence of execution when it comes to the FPS. It’s so easy to critise the majority vote, but MW2 deserves to be recognised as a gaming high point. Multiplayer is a huge part of gaming today and to improve the experiance beyond that of COD4 is astounding. Players will be on this game for a solid 2 years, and i dont think the same can be said for Batman, or Uncharted 2.

    1. haify says:

      I still don’t get why MW2 has raised the bar for FPS genre? It comes no where close to games like Crysis or Bioshock. The main thing I don’t like about MW2 was that it felt very closed off as you had to do every thing a certian way or you couldn’t move on and to me that is old school FPS and nothing new.

      As much as I love multiplayer but I do find thats whats killing games today as its such a huge part nowdays.

  4. Davekma says:

    Meh, I haven’t played any of the top 4 lol.

    Btw, nice use of Bret Hart’s tagline there Rob 😉

    Also, isn’t the screenshot from CoD4?

  5. List works for me.
    Although isn’t that a screen shot from MW1?
    Sure I’ve been killed many a time on that level

  6. deadmanxiii says:

    OK, i accept that it seems to have been a COD4 shot. 😦 im pretty sure i got it right this time!

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