Gun Shoes, FOR REALZ! (kinda)

Look, No matter how good Bayonetta is going to be (ok, it looks real good 40/40 from Famitsu can’t be wrong) a big part of that is going to be Bayonetta’s clothes disappearing and shooting dudes with guns in your hands AND your feet!

Look there they are, deadliest high heels ever! Well, if you thought that you could do with these in your wardrobe (Ladies, im thinking of you) then you may be in luck. It has been revealed by a Sega representative that a replica Gun shoe will be available as a (free) preorder bonus for anyone who preorders the title from UK retailer, GAME!

Sega have high hopes for the game, but understand it can be a hard sell against an increasingly crowded Q1, but are confident that once people get a play on it word of mouth will go crazy. The big tool for this is a demo, coming to PSN/XBL mid-december. DPAD Dependency have high hopes for Bayonetta, and we will fill you in on the demo release date as soon as we know it!


5 Comments Add yours

  1. I’m tempted to pre order… wonder if they do them in my clumpy size

  2. Balaenidae says:

    Hmm one item at game that they don’t have sales targets for which actually sounds really cool.

  3. im tempted to start binding my feet to shrink them down to fit.

  4. Its just the gun, iuess that works out for the bet as we can put it on our own shoes and prance about shooting things with our feet!

  5. Bayonetta demo up on XBL and PSN. and its ace

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