Top Ten Xbox Indie Games (Under 70p each): The Final Chapter

All these weeks and 9 cracking games later we have arrived at the GREATEST INDIE GAME FOR 80POINTS!

i maed a gam3 w1th z0mbies 1nit!!!1, is the game that really got me into the Indie Game scene. Zombies is true modern Retro. The game itself is a twin stick shooter, think Robotron rather than Geometry Wars, set to the most outstanding piece of video game music since ‘Still Alive’.

Made by James Silva, the guy behind XBLA darling The Dishwasher, A 2d sidescrolling hack and slash with a splattering of blood and gore, starring a dead dishwasher hunting down hundreds of enemies in pursuit of his killer, Z0mbies (as the name suggests) features zombies and lots of em! However, this game is all about THAT song. Covering a variety of musical genres and styles, the enemies spawn in reaction to the music. So when the chill out section of the song comes in, the enemies float around the screen in almost a serene manner. Once the heavy rock portion kicks in the enemies flash and the screen flashes like a heavy metal light show. Running at 14mins the game ends when the song ends. The whole game is like an interactive music video, but one that takes you on this amazing musical journey and gives you gameplay that is so simple and addicitive your hooked from that first chorus.

Up to four players can join the chaos playing co-op to survive the song, but competing for that all important highscore. This creates situations like, Do you save your mate who is getting overrun or grab that gun that could improve your score? If you dont save your buddy they might not help you when you find yourself in the shit, and find yourelf Dedz!!!1

If you play just one Indie Game on your 360, this one has so much character and personality it serves as a great demonstration of the kinda stuff to expect from the 360 that will likely not be found anywhere else.

If there is one complaint it is that (as with many Indie Games) there is no online play. This may be a product of  the Indie Game service, but this game would benefit greatly from a quick 15min session with your mates online before the big Modern Warfare 2 match, or even after a hardcore gaming night as a wind down.

Many of you have given this game a chance after  i went mental about it when it came out, and i still recomenned it as highly now as i did back then. oh and i still get killed by the bloody snakes.



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