We are starting our Eurogamer Expo coverage with our choice of Game Of Show, God Of War 3. The demo was the same as seen at e3 early in the year, but unlike my previous hands on with it i was allowed MUCH more time with it. In many ways it is an amazing cross section of what to expect in the final game. You battle standard minions and a variety of mini bosse, cross large gaps by jumping from Harpy to Harpy and take Helios’s head by force!

The gameplay is your traditional GoW fare, hack and slash of the highest calibur! In the demo Kratos has a large number of powers, weapons and combos at your disposal. Suggesting the demo is taken midway through the game or maybe your given extra abilities for the demo’s sake.

The two most striking aspects of the demo go hand in hand. Graphics and violence! This is the kind of game you always expected from the PlayStation 3, the promises made at launch are certainly true here. This really is step above everything that has come before. As the demo starts there is a close up on Kratos and the detail is incredible and the look of evil and hatred on that guys face sets the mood for the rest of the game. Fighting the standard minions has you pulling people apart and thats all well and good but fighting the bossess and engaging in QTEs is where there game really turns it up. From removing the eye from a Cyclops to the gutting of a Centaur , GoW3 is really not for the faint at heart.

The demo continues to the eventual beheading of Greek legend Helios. Dude, seriously this is really messed up! iv’e seen some nasty things in my time in videogames but this is as nasty as it gets. So i got it on video below!

Rounding of the demo is a flying section on an updraft up a tower, the graphical quality never drops between gameplay sections, as the tips of Kratos’ wings are out of focus as they are so close to the camera. Its a breath taking glimpse at what is sure to be a contender of Game of the Year 2010!



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