Top Ten Xbox Indie Games (Under 70p each) Pt 4

NOT Xbox Marketplace

Been awhile since my last update so i will give you THREE games instead of two, and save the number 1 title till a little later.  Well, let’s have a quick rundown of everything so far.

10. Johnny Platform’s Biscuit Romp – Devious little platformer

9. Junkyard Battle – Multiplayer tower building game

8. Heironyous Bash – Heaven Vs Hell at Dodgeball with human souls as balls

7. Plows In Hell – Survive the fires of the damned while fighting of enemies with your snow plow

6. Groov – Make beautiful music while killing, in this GeoWars style shooter

5. Slingstar – Another GeoWars style game, with no guns, just orbs to sling at the bad dudes


Each title is a shining example of the quality titles under ‘Indie Games’, and these are the ones for 70p each!

Lets continue on…

4. Ninja Bros

What could be better than controlling a tiny pixel Ninja around fiendish platform levels? Maybe controlling up to four? Maybe controlling them AT ONCE! The dpad controls ALL on-screen Ninjas at the same time, so guiding one to safety may mean walking others to their death. Each Ninja has its own level, all on-screen at once. Thankfully, each Ninja is colour coded to a face button on the controller and wont move left or right while in the air jumping. This enables the player to strategically move the colourful (not at all stealthy) guys around the puzzle based platforming.

3. Dark

Not since the mighty L shaped Tetris Block has a little shape had so much character, ok it might be the googly eyes, but the Diamond shaped star of the amazing Dark captures your heart none the less. An entry in Microsoft’s Dream.Build.Play 09 contest, Dark is a platform game at its core, but unlike one you have seen before. You play a black character in a black world. A Goth’s dream for sure, if it wasnt for the coloured lights illuminating the way but casting shadows everywhere.  Imaginative physics puzzles await you on your journey through Dark’s unique and atmospheric worlds.

2.Fishing Girl

Yup. A Fishing game. Yup. You play a Girl. Yup. It’s awesome! Split from your true love on the other side of the ocean, the game can be completed by fishing away, upgrading your rod and casting ability until you can span the ocean to reach Boy on the other side, But the real game is in gunning for that high score, upgrading the lure to catch bigger and bigger fish to earn more money(score). Dont want to upgrade? you can catch the small fish, and use THEM to catch the bigger fish a you reel it in. Graphically simple but beautiful, Fishing Girl NEEDS to be played!


5 Comments Add yours

    1. 80points works out about 67p. 🙂

      1. Oh, I thought it was the same points for everyone?

      2. it is. the games are 80points, and in real life cash money it works out as under 70pence! you tried any yet?

  1. Oh, I was misreading it as 70 points not 70 pence! My bad! I have tried a lot of them! James Silva’s I MAED A GAM3 W1TH Z0MBIES 1N IT!!!! is a hit. I’m making my own, too… Duality ZF… I hope you’ll like it!

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