Early Access to L4D2 Demo? Who Loves Ya?

A candidate for ‘best zombie game ever’, last years Left 4 Dead became a firm favourite with Gamers looking for an intense CO-OP experiance! Well as many of you are aware, the sequel is due next month and a demo is launching to get you all drooling! Well, my fellow dependents, we have 5 codes to get the demo early. 1st come 1st served as was the way with the ODST codes (though on that note i got more of those for anyone who wants em). All 5 codes are below and once they are gone they are gone. If you try one and its gone, then try the next!

This gives access to the demo, it starts on October 27th! Not sure what happens if you enter the code before that date! Anyway here we go…






Good Luck, please comment, or post in the Facebook group with all your thoughts and opinions of the Demo! We would LOVE to hear what you all think!


2 Comments Add yours

  1. All the codes have gone! 😦

  2. Phizzy says:

    Claimed code #3. Thanks mister Dependency!

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