Top Ten Xbox Indie Games (Under 70p each) Pt 3

The Indie game steam train keeps rolling by now you all own 4 Indie games, have spent 320 points and are eagerly awaiting another dose of Indie Gaming Goodness (right??)

Well you lucky sods, here we go again!

6. Groov

It is very easy to dismiss Groov as a poor mans Geometry Wars, but this is to do it a huge disservice. While bearing more than a slight resemblance to Bizzare’s shoot em up classic, but Groov throws music creation into the mix. Each shot you fire is a note, and when you kill an enemy they change from a vibrant (deadly) colour to a (harmless) white. On every 4th beat the dead enemies explode and make a noise. different enemies produce different sounds. One key difference to GeoWars though is the removal of the smart bomb! Groov instead gives you a time slow power up. It means the song never stops by the instant death of a screen worth of killer shapes. It means you don’t have that get out clause to save your arse, and have to rely on your skills. It all combines to create a great experience that like a lot of Indie games is instantly familiar but throws in a twist. Two different mixes form the basis of the music in game, one locked till you complete the Original Mix!

5. Slingstar


No No No, Not a singing game, SLINGstar! Another space based shooter, but the twist is you dont have any guns. Instead you have two orbs floating around your ship. Using your momentum you sling the orbs toward the enemies on screen. Loads of enemies and 60 levels of Solo or CO-OP play to keep you busy. Sublime music keeps you cool and despite throwing yourself around you always feel in control enough that when you die, you never feel cheated. Its your fault!

Im reminded of PSN favourite, flOw. It shares that vibe that while your taking out hundreds of enemies over the course of the game you never really feel like your on the offensive, and while graphical simple, you become engrossed in them.


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