Groovy! Earthworm Jim HD

One of those great pub chat topics about gaming is ‘What game would you most like to see re-made?’ My answer to this question is always one of my all time favourite 16 bit classics, Earthworm Jim! Now im hoping for two new EWJ titles, i want an all new super slick redrawn title. New levels, new story, New Super Mario Bros kinda deal, but 2D hand drawn awesomeness. But i also want a remake of the original game. not the sequel, and especially not the diabolical Earthworm Jim 3-D (seriously, dont play this game!)

Half my prayers have been answered, as Earthworm Jim HD is coming to XBLA, PSN, WiiWare and iPhone! (1 month XBLA exclusive)

It’s the remake prayer, not the all new game sadly. Based on the Mega Drive game, EWJHD features updated graphics, Online leaderboard tracking kills etc, an all new difficulty option and the ‘Big Brutey’ level from Mega CD version of the game!

Sadly, none of the original team are involved in the remake but Gameloft have promised more new features! Hit more for video link and Screen comparison!

The original 1994 Megadrive VS 2009 Remake on iPhone
The original 1994 Megadrive VS 2009 Remake on iPhone

Click this for video of Jim doing his thing also on iPhone!


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